Peacock Earrings: A Guide to What and Where

Peacock earrings are a unique and attention grabbing accessory for almost any outfit. This colorful, exotic bird is natures narcissist (“Look at me!”) so it is only natural for the style to translate to a wide array of fine jewelry such as Peacock earrings. A sure fire way to make a fashion splash is to accentuate your next outfit with a delightful pair of these gold, silver or feather fashion accessories.

But what are some of the styles, designs and colors offered? And most importantly, where can you get your own hands on a pair of your own!

Types of Peacock Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings: Feather products are gaining in popularity in use in jewelry. Who says you need to use gold or silver all the time!? Mix it up with a pair of faux feather earrings. We couldn’t endorse real peacock feather use in jewelry but you don’t need to go natural in this instance. There are perfectly beautiful, harmless faux feather peacock earrings available that will provide the desired affect you are looking for. Besides, they are often cheaper than real feather jewelry. They are also available in a variety of sizes: simple short feathers of about 1-2 inches or long, dramatic ones measuring up to 6 inches. There are even longer ones available but in most situations the short and medium length options will suffice.

Silver-Polymer-Clay Peacock Feather Earrings

Rhinestone Peacock Earrings: Rhinestone you say? Yes. Not always at the top of everybodies list for style, but the patterns of our feathered friend really appeal to the incorporation of rhinestones into both fine and more affordable selections. multi-colored rhinestones allow the full brilliance of the peacock to shine through in a way that gold and silver can’t. Rhinestones are also more affordable than many of the other types of materials avaiable.

Gold Peacock Earrings: Gold is always in style and this cute accessory is no exception to its use. The luscious sheen of gold blends beatifully with the greens, blues and purples of the peacock and accentuates the exotic look to really make a bold impression.

Silver Peacock Earrings: Silver is so versatile in jewelry that we can take it for granted. What doesn’t look good in silver!? Accent the feathers or jewels gracefully with silver for a more subtle look than gold.


Where to Get Peacock Earrings:

Polyvore: This is a great site that has not only a ton of great earrings to choose from but has some amazing leotards to choose from like galaxy leggings and tribal print leggings. Check out Polyvore for a ton of cool fashion ideas.

Amazon: I love Amazon and I admit I have a bit of an addiction to shopping online. Amazon makes it so easy to browse and order jewelry and other items that often it is the first place I look. Have a peak at their selection here and you may be surprised. The fact that it can arrive at your door so quickly is major appeal as well.