Peacock Necklaces – The Perfect Accessory

peacock-necklace-jewelry-finePeacock necklaces are a fantastic way to accentuate a neckline as part a wide variety of outfits that need that little extra something. Like peacock earrings, these fashionable accessories are an easy way to add a splash of color to revitalize an old ensemble or complete a new one. Peacock necklaces are available is wide variety of styles and materials but all capture the naturally beautiful plummage of everybodies favourite feathered showman.

The peacocks are onto something. How better to attract the a mate than a with an explosion of color and patterns!? Well, maybe such a show is not for everybody. But there are a plethora of styles and sizes to suit the most modest peacocks to the most outrageous. The following describes some of the options available when choosing your next feathered necklace.

Types of Peacock Necklaces

Feathered Peacock Necklaces: If you want to really make a splash with your next outfit, try a feathered peacock necklace. Most involve a synthetic feather with traditional peacock colors of blue, green and purple. There are simpler, more conservative styles that provide a more conservative accent to a neckline and then there are the big, bold , long feathers that form the centrepiece of any ensemble.

Silver Peacock Necklaces: Silver is always fashionable and always stylish. You can’t go wrong with its unparalleled complimentary power. It can really bring out the beautiful purple, green and blue tones of the peacock.

peacock necklace jewelry

Pendant Peacock Necklaces: Adding a simple peacock pendant to an existing necklace is a great, affordable way to accentuate and and enliven an older necklace you may have. It also provides options to swap out the chain for either gold, silver, leather, string or any other material.

peacock pendant necklace

Where to Buy Peacock Necklaces:

Amazon: Amazon is fantastic. I just love their selection, price and how it arrives on your doorstep so quickly! I have a bit of an addiction to online shopping I’ll admit, and Amazon is my store of choice. Have a look at what they have to offer and you may be surprised.

Polyvore: This is an excellent site with a HUGE variety of, well, pretty much everything. Whether it is peacock necklaces you are looking for or any other kind of jewelry, you will prbably find it here.

Ebay is another great choice for your online jewelry search. Ebay offers a ton of both new and used jewelry for sale from individuals and online resellers. If you haven’t checked out Ebay for your online jewelry shopping then you should. If you are a savvy bidder you can find an excellent deal and pay far less on an item that would likely cost a lot more in store. Granted, if you go the used route for jewelry make sure you sterilize it properly with alcohol on the


 Wherever you go to get your jewelry, the bright and boisterous colors of the peacock are just calling out to you. No jewelry box is complete without a set of earrings, a necklace, bracelet or any other type of accessory. Pair them with some fabulous legwear for a great style combination. Peacocks are hip, so get out there and try some for your self today!