Rhodium Jewelry – A Fine Jewelry Guide

Rhodium jewelry is a fantastically unique and eye-catching new fine jewelry trend. Rhodium is a very rare white metal that is intensely reflective. These two characteristics are exactly what makes rhodium metal perfect for fine jewelry.

Where does rhodium come from? It was first unearthed in the early eighteen-hundreds and is often used in high-end jewelry because it is the most expensive type of metal in the world. Often, it is eletroplated on platinum and white gold to give it its extremely reflective white surface with a deep luster that is slightly darker than white gold.  It is also used for coating sterling silver jewelry which protects from tarnishing. Rhodium is rarely pure when used in jewelry because of its rarity and extremely high cost. Rather, it is used as a coating that is ‘dusted’ on to a base of platinum or white gold.


Rhodium provides and extremely hard coating for white gold which is susceptible to scratching and becoming dull. It adds durability and maintains its shine over time whereas white gold alone loses its luster and scratches fairly easily due to its high karat rating. So what you get is a shine enhancing, protective coating that preserves fine jewelry while at the same time beautifies it. It is perfect for jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, broaches, bracelets, anklets and everything else!

Rhodium Peacock Jewelry

What better way to satisfy your fine peacock jewelry fix than with rhodium? Rhodium peacock jewelry combines the brilliancy an durability of this rare metal with the sultry and exotic colors of the peacock. Deep purples, rich greens, and fabulous teal are only highlighted and enhanced by this precious metal.

Rhodium Earrings are a popular choice for this luxurious metal. Etsy has a great selection to choose from delicate silver branch earrings to dramatic diamond teardrop earrings.

Rhodium Pendants are another popular choice. Amazon has a wonderful and affordable selection of fine accessories that will suit any budget. Have a look at their selection and I’m sure you will be surprised.